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Welcome to my informative page!

My name is Elva. I came to United Stats last year and I have been studing english since.My previous job it was working as an artist.I love art and for sure every one knows Art doesn't have end poit. I hope in future wILL find a time to continue to do paintings and doing artworks.since I was a chaild,have loved animals and I have been taking care of animals. I have had a variety of animals before Jhupiter. who is Jhupiter? Jhupiter is my lovly frindly dog. I having had him for almost 3 years. and I brout him here from my homecountry. he is polite and smart. I know a lot of people who haven't like dogs befor meeting jhupiter. : Neocities.

My dream is to be able to communicate with people very well. bold and italic text.

I am going to introduce some useful websites for learning English :

  • read my twine story from a previous semester: Jhupiter story
  • The three useful websites are as follows:

    To learn more English, check out these tutorials